Fun with Accelerated Reader in Fourth Grade!
When will the children begin taking AR Quizzes?
We will begin reading in class for AR. Our appointment to take the STAR Reading Diagnostic Test is the week of 8/8. Individual AR goals will be sent home on that day. In the mean time, students can read books that are on the levels they were reading at the end of last school year. New students will be assigned books.

How do I let the teacher know that my child needs to take a quiz?
AT-Home Reading- Student will read books according to the level information sent home. Students may take quizzes on books read at home in class during AR time. Teacher may assign at home reading if necessary for student progress.
In Class Reading - Students may read the same book in class that they are reading at home or they may choose another book to read in class. Students will keep an AR log in classroom to track their reading and quizzes.

How often will they be able to take quizzes?
We have AR Reading period the first 1/2 hour of each school day. During this time, students will be able to take quizzes, write summaries, and read.
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Accelerated Reading is an incentive based reading program for students to encourage reading within their reading levels.

The following link contains helpful parent guides:

If you are trying to determine the AR Book Level or the points available for a specific book, click on the following link: