Class Expectations-
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13
  • Always listen and pay attention to the teacher at all times, especially during instructional time.
  • Always follow directions
  • Always raise your hand before speaking
  • Always strive to do your best work
  • Always be positive, have a good attitude, and make wise choices!!!!
  • Always KAFOTY(Keep All Feet, Hands, and Other Objects To Yourself!)

Individual Rewards

1. Verbal Praise.
2. Classroom privileges
3. Treats( Blessing Box)

Class Rewards
1. Classroom party
2. Game afternoon

Purple- I made Outstanding Choices
Blue- I made Great Choices
Green- I am Ready to Learn
Yellow- I need to Slow Down and Think about it
Orange- Ms. Tuthill's Choice
Red- Parent Contacted

If you choose to make unwise choices - Proverbs 22:6
  • 1x - Verbal Warning ( Grace given)
  • 2x - Lose 5 minutes of a privilege (recess, free time) as well as a "Clip Down" on the Choices Chart -Blue Slip
  • (A student who receives more than 10 blue slips in a trimester will not receive a "Citizenship Award".)
  • 3x - Lose 10 minutes of a privilege, AND behavior sentences with a behavior note, that needs to be signed by a parent and returned the next day. Blue Slip
  • 4x - Miss ALL of a privilege - Phone call or Email home, plus “Think About It” paper that needs to be signed by a parent and returned. Blue slip
  • 5x - Sent to the principal. At this point a behavior contract may be needed.
There are some violations that are so serious that the student may need to be sent straight to the Principal's office.