The grade book will have the same grading weight in each subject. All tests in each subject will combine to weigh 40% of the final grade for each subject. Quizzes will combine to weigh 30%, project, activities, and daily work 20% and all homework 10%

40% Tests
30% Quizzes
20% Projects, Activities, Daily Work
10% Homework
  • When a student misses an assignment, that assignment must be turned in within the week. When turned in within the week due, 10% will be taken off of the grade for that assignment.
  • When the assignment is not turned in within the first week, it is marked as an “I” in the grade book. “In Progress”
  • After a week the “I” becomes an “M” for missing.
  • Once the assignment becomes an “M”, it cannot be changed.
  • An “M” is considered a zero and can remain an “M” for the duration of the trimester. This shows both parents and teachers why grades may become lowered due to missing assignments.
  • An “E” for excused may be used in instances where the student was excused from an absence and missed a Science Lab or an Art project that would be impossible to make up. Using an “E” will excuse the student from the assignment without affecting the grade.